Our attorneys collectively have over a half-century of experience in the patent field. We work with clients to build their patent portfolios as a strategic asset and have clients that begin their work with us as nothing more than startups and stay with us post-IPO. We handle all phases of patent work, in the United States and globally. More than anything, we know how to give straight answers to stakeholders, whether they are the patent committees at advanced stage startups or publicly traded companies, in-house counsel, company founder, CFO, and anywhere in between.

Patent Preparation Prosecution

Our business-first approach to the patent process ensures that we always consider the best patent fit for your business. At Bochner IP, we are intricately familiar with all phases of evaluating and harvesting a potential invention and drafting a patent application. We are often called upon to conduct patentability searches, and as part of that process, advising clients on how to best build a patent portfolio around their most important assets.

Collectively, we have drafted thousands of patent applications and prosecuted many more, in fields including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, software, manufacturing, financial services, biotechnology, hardware and networking equipment, telecommunications, toys, e-commerce technologies, data architecture, digital image processing, displays, appliances, consumer goods, electronics, finance, and mechanical devices.

Our attorneys are experts at identifying patentable subject matter, securing patent rights at the USPTO and abroad, and enforcing these rights when necessary.In addition to patent prosecution, we assist our clients with due diligence evaluations, patentability opinions, validity opinions, non-infringement opinions, and inventorship analyses and disputes. We partner with our clients to achieve their business objectives through acquisitions, joint ventures, collaborations, and public offerings.

Infringement, Freedom-to-Operate and Invalidity Opinions, and Landscape Analyses

Our attorneys have backgrounds in patent prosecution and patent litigation. This uncommon combination allows them to sit at the intersection of both, and provide a well-rounded approach.

We provide freedom-to-operate, clearance, infringement and invalidity searches and analyses, tailoring them to meet your goals and needs. Understanding that no two circumstances are alike, we keep in mind the business need for the opinion, and counsel accordingly.