Our attorneys are well-versed in all areas of transactional and licensing matters.


Our attorneys are knowledgeable in IP (including patent, trademark, copyright) in-licensing and out-licensing transactions, whether in a stand-alone transaction, or as part of a litigation or other contentious matter. We draft and negotiate agreements to maximize business value, while reducing risks and protecting your rights over the term of the license.

Development Agreements, Joint Ventures and Collaborations, and General Agreements

We assist clients with establishing joint ventures, collaborations, strategic alliances, development agreements, negotiations and related matters. Our goal is always to ensure that we don’t stand in the way of the transaction, and support the business in securing these vital agreements, while also counseling clients on long-term risks and reducing exposure.

We handle technology and acquisition agreements, reseller agreements, distribution and marketing agreements, non-disclosure agreements, Master Services and Professional Service and Consulting Agreements, Website Terms and Conditions, Privacy Agreements, and End User License Agreements.

Clients with extensive IP portfolios, or those looking to acquire one, work with us to determine the strength and value of their portfolios, and further develop them. We handle analysis of existing IP assets to identify those with the highest values, identifying assets for monetization or licensing, selling IP portfolios, and establishing IP infringement monitoring programs. We determine the scope of protection of IP, and determine its applicability to the business world.

In the course of M&A transactions, we ensure proper chain of title, identify any encumbrances or prior agreements, infringement claims, or threats and determine any deficiencies with IP assets.

Our transactional work spans industries from e-commerce, biotechnology and medical devices to electronics, software, pharmaceuticals, and mechanical devices, and anywhere in between.

We assist with technology development, promotion, sales, outsourcing, manufacturing and supply agreements across various industries.

Our life science attorneys understand your unique needs, whether they are regulatory or business concerns. We advise biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, manufacturers and suppliers on how to enter into strategic contracts in the 21st century.

Along with the agreements mentioned above, we also assist life sciences clients with technology transfer and in-licensing from universities and medical centers, as well as revenue sharing agreements with various stakeholders.

We regularly draft research, discovery and development agreements, marketing agreements, vendor contracts, partnership and licensing agreements, investigate and counsel on regulatory issues, product acquisitions and divestitures, outsourcing, and supply and manufacturing agreements.